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What is ADSL?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a high-speed Internet access service that uses your telephone line to send and receive Internet data at much faster speeds than a conventional dial-up connection. With ADSL you are connected to the internet 24 hours af day. You no longer need to dial up to open your Internet connection. You can also make and receive telephone calls while online. This is because the ADSL signal operates on a digital frequency, while the voice signals (telephone conversation), operate on an analogue frequency. Voice data and Internet data can, therefor, travel along the line simultaneously. The "asymmetric" in ADSL refers to the fact that the data being received by your computer from the Internet (downstream data / downloading), travels at a faster speed than data traveling from your computer to the Internet (upstream data / uploading).

The Technology Behind ADSL

How does ADSL work?

The telephone system was originally designed to carry the human voice along copper telephone wires. The sound of your voice is converted into small electric pulses which travel along the telephone wires. These electric pulses are then converted back into sound at the other end, so the other person can hear you. This happens in both directions so you can have a conversation.

ADSL also works through the copper wires of your telephone line. However, Internet data along the wires at a different frequency to the voice signals. When ADSL is installed a micro-filter is plugged into your phone connection which separates the frequency of voice signals (telephone line) from that of your Internet data (broadband connection) and it is this that allows you to surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time. Your ADSL connection comes through the Telkom phone line network, directly to your house, so it is the most popular type of broadband available. The technology is in place in many parts of the world, so connecting this way is wide and simple.

ADSL is especially suited for gamers, CAD use, streaming, multimedia and downloading large files. Contact one of our professionals to figure out a plan that will best suit your requirements.

Do you need ADSL?

How do you know if ADSL is something for you?

If you only ever come online once a week, ADSL is probably not necessary for you. If, however, you regularly find that your connection is too slow for you to do what you want to do in the time you have available, or if you spend lots of time online - perhaps you work from home - then it is very much worth investigating further. If you are an online gamer, then why are you still here? Get your ADSL line ordered today.

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